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300 words a day

(This post was first published May 9, 2009.)

Lots of people are wondering what God is calling them to do. And that is a good question. But on the way to the answer, we fill in many answers. So let me suggest some of the things that God did not call you to.

You are not called to be me.
You are not called to be your mother.
You are not called to be your pastor.
You are not called to be happy all the time.
You are not called to be rich.
You are not called to be as organized as the neighbor on the right.
You are not called to be as disorganized as the neighbor on the left.
You are not called to be as ___ as your uncle dave.
You are not called to be your sister.
You are not called to be the guy…

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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live!
Let go of every piece of negativity and forgive.

Let the darkness fade; shine His light
With all your might

This is you
brand new

Open up and let Jesus in.
GOD sent Him to save all generations from sin.
Rebuke the devil!
Don’t stoop to his level.


Stop the corruption!
This is a public disruption

GOD is love and GOD is true!
Whether you believe or not, He is watching you.

Every good and evil deed.
Every time you sow a sweet seed.

From the time you were a child,
GOD knows when you’ve been wild.

The one sure thing about life and death…
is GOD gives you everything even your first and last breath.

He sent His Son to say:
“It is finished.”
because GOD’s love for us never diminished.

It is a strong love.
A love from above.

Guiding our way…
Every day.

Our lives are beautiful creations,
so shine GOD’s beauty all over the nations.

When we are done battling the raging seas..
we will leave this world and pick up our keys.

To our heavenly homes
where there is no need for combs…

or sparkly jewelry and fake smiles,
and no need for the money after you’ve walked down the aisles.

No sickness, mourning, death, or tears.
Just Jesus’ arrival and many cheers.

“The victory is won!”
GOD roars like a lion.

leaving satan and his evil ones trembling..
all the souls that don’t wake up soon will
be left with the devil’s dissembling.

If you are lost,
you can be found.

Just listen to this beautiful sound.

We are all grace and we are all beauty.
We all only have one simple duty..

to believe GOD made you and sent Jesus Christ to save you,
hold up, I’ll give you two….
and keep on running until you see the breakthrough!!!!

GOD bless you all!
Brandy Marie